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Physics & Equipment

The Gas Laws


A discussion of the three perfect gas laws.

The Universal Gas Constant


This Vodcast deals with Avogadro's constant, and how it can be related to the universal gas constant and employed in the ideal gas equation.

Critical Temperature & Pressure


This vodcast looks at the effects of temperature and pressure on the behaviour of a gas, related to critical temperature, pressure and isotherms.

Saturated Vapour Pressure


A discussion of what a vapour is, how this related to saturated vapour pressure and the relationship between SVP and temperature

Heat, Temperature and the Latent Heat of Vapourisation

In this vodcast we will look at the difference between heat and temperature, and the application of latent heat to a clinical process.

Pulmonary Artery Catheters

This vodcast discusses the pulmonary artery catheter.  Waveforms encountered on "floating" the PAC are discussed, as is the pulmonary artery occlusion pressure.

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